Our Story

Culture Royale Group is steeped in decades of experience, drawing upon the impressive skills and services of our seasoned staff and founders. Building on an impressive foundation in the catering world, we are proud to continue providing quality services and products that meet and surpass both the highest industry standards and our guests’ most extravagant desires.

With deep roots in impeccable service, innovative creativity, and unflinchingly rigorous quality standards, we take great pride in providing only the very best to our clientele. Our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled, transcendental experiences to enthrall and satiate is the driving philosophy at the core of everything we are and do.



Representative and member of Culture Royale Group must possess an innate and heartfelt disposition toward forging lasting relationships to meet the needs of those we serve.


Creativity is the essence of life. Our job is to breathe new life into the dull and the mundane by offering our guests unexpected and impeccably crafted experiences.


In both definitions of the term, experience is key. We are known for providing only the highest caliber of offerings to our clientele to let them experience only the finest in life.


Culture Royale Group has a responsibility to those it serves to provide quality services and products to a standard that respects both our guests and ourselves.

Vision & Mission

The vision and mission of Culture Royale Group is to curate and present experiences that demonstrate a passion, quality, and attention to detail that could heretofor be found only in royal settings. Each experience should be a Royale affair; one in which we would proudly host a monarch, and in which each guest is treated as one.

We strive to provide sensory experiences that surprise and delight not only the palate, but also the mind. New sights, sounds, aromas, tastes, and textures… all of these combine to create moments that excite not just your physical senses, but also your mental state of being. Our ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of our clientele.




A visionary and veteran in Indonesia’s hospitality industry who made his mark as the Director of hotel Mulia, a five-star hotel in Jakarta renowend for its exceptional banquet and F&B service. He is also the mastermind of fine dining establishments.



Derrick channels his fascination of organizational life to directing Culture Royale Group’s marketing and operational. Graduated from University of Oregon, he loves to eat, travel and be alone with a good book in a quiet corner of a cafe.

Partner / Investor

We pride ourselves in constantly fostering new ideas and ventures that keep our subsidiaries and partners on the leading edge of their industries. For more information regarding the benefits of our partner program, or to inquire about investment opportunities, please contact us.

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